Feb. 27th, 2011

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Some fresh art! Asmodeus and Raphael, but that is not my Raphael. This is actually [livejournal.com profile] halosphere's interpretation of our favorite healer. ^___^ After a four plus year hiatus, I started role-playing again the beginning of this month: [livejournal.com profile] halosphere's Raphael and my Asmodeus via AIM. It has been totally awesome, and I am having such a fun time! The following picture was inspired by our first thread which was set in New York City, 1929. Asmodeus wanted to start the stock market crash, and Raphael was trying to stop him.

In this part, Raphael is currently at a...disadvantage. ;3
... )

Annnd, there's a poll in the last post. I was planning to draw something based on the results, but so far only three people voted. Any other takers? XD

Also, lately I've found myself focusing on a Beelzebub/Lucifer AU where Beelzebub didn't Fall. It's quite angsty, dark, and full of dub-con. I'm rather hesitant about posting it, but would anyone even be interested in reading about it if I did?


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