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A week belated, but here's part 2! Happy New Year, everyone!

Title: Let's Make a Deal
Fandom: Biblical fiction
Rating: PG
Pairing: Asmodeus/Raphael
Summary: Asmodeus and Raphael make a wager.
Notes: Written for [livejournal.com profile] halosphere who requested some Christmassy Asmodeus/Raphael.

("So, Raphael, would you say that you're a betting angel?")

Nothing positive ever came from listening to Asmodeus as Raphael swiftly learned once again, but the bargain was a reasonable one: whichever of them could do the most good deeds in two hours would "win". They took a few minutes to determine respective prizes...

("No sex."

"But yes to cuddling?"

"Fine. As long as it doesn't lead to sex.")

...and ultimately agreed to the wager. It was annoying treating works of kindness like just parts of a quota, but at least the bargain forced Asmodeus to be selfless for a change. In fact, the demon orchestrated more acts of goodwill then Raphael.

("You weren't supposed to use the shadows—that's cheating. You didn't do it on your own."

"True, but the deal never specified that we couldn't have help.")

Being the victor, Asmodeus took Raphael back to his New York apartment. The demon's rooms had a distinctly modern flair, but most of the furniture looked like it was from an antique shop. An expensive one.

("Bedroom? Hmm, never thought I'd get to say that."

"My clothes are staying on."

"For now. No shoes in the bed though.")

Raphael spent Christmas Eve and a good portion of Christmas morning asleep with Asmodeus's arms wrapped around him. At about 10 o'clock, Raphael got out of bed still fully dressed. Except, of course, for his shoes.


Title: The Importance of Being Earnest
Fandom: Biblical fiction
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Asmodeus/???
Summary: In Victorian England, Asmodeus sets his mind to tempting an influential mortal man.
Notes: Written for [livejournal.com profile] marian_vel who requested Asmodeus seducing a human.

Humans... Most of the time they bored Asmodeus. Such squalid, half-hearted sinners. Unlike demons, most mortals lived in perpetual delusional. Either they would suppress perfectly natural desires to the point of fanaticism or sin egregiously under the banner of religion or government or whatever "good" cause they supposedly championed. It disgusted Asmodeus. At least demons were more honorable in their lack of pretense.

But then there were two categories of special humans who caught Asmodeus's attention. First there were the charming ones: complex, vibrant, and not overly hampered by asinine moral dichotomies. Also important were humans whose downfall would cause ripples of sinfulness in public society. On rare occasions, Asmodeus found people who embodied both characteristics.

It was just such a person that Asmodeus was waiting for now. Several years back, Asmodeus had been acquainted with the man in question, but at the time, the demon had been involving himself in other matters. But now the human had piqued Asmodeus's interest. The mortal had always been charismatic, but now he was growing...important.

And so Asmodeus sat in a comfortable London cafe, waiting for his quarry. The demon had watched his new potential victim for the past few weeks and knew that the man would take lunch here, and the demon was not surprised when his surveillance proved accurate.

"Hallo, Oscar."

Still standing in the doorway, the man turned to see who had hailed him. Asmodeus offered a little wave as he looked his latest victim over. The mortal was reasonably easy on the eyes. Tall with attractive features and just a little bit plump. There was also something flamboyant about him that just screamed theatre.

Oscar's eyes widened when he recognized his former acquaintance. "Maximilien? Old chap, is that you?"

"It is," the demon replied with a small smile. "Fancy running into you here, Oscar. You look well."

"You look quite good yourself," the man replied, not bothering to hide his interest. And why should he? The demon lord had a fabulous body and was expensively attired. Oscar had not been the only person in the cafe giving the disguised demon a once-over. Asmodeus's skin tingled deliciously as the man discreetly looked him up and down. The demon wouldn't need to bed this man to accomplish his goals, but perhaps he would anyway. Oscar was rather fetching himself, a pleasing mix of handsome and endearing.

"It really has been ages. I apologize for never writing," the playwright sighed. "Would you mind if I joined you? If you think you can tolerate my company of course," Oscar added with wry humor.

Asmodeus fixed the playwright with his best come-hither smile and was ever so satisfied to see a little color rise to the man's cheeks. "You are always welcome to join with me."

Asmodeus enjoyed messing with any influential mortal, but in matters of sexuality, men were particularly useful...especially when they were public figures. And Oscar was gathering popularity in more and more mainstream circles. And then there was that Lord Douglas boy. Oh the fun Asmodeus could have with that. Nothing quite like outing public figures. The nastiness and persecution it engendered was always a boon to Hell.


Title: Safe in My Arms
Fandom: Biblical fiction
Rating: PG
Pairing: Michael/Gabriel
Summary: Michael looks after Gabriel.
Notes: Written for [livejournal.com profile] mypaleangel who requested Michael/Gabriel.

Michael is the Archangel of Meekness. Ever calm. Patient. Strong. Steady like a rock. Dangerous like one too but—also like a rock—lacking the personal desire to cause any harm.

After the Rebellion and the Fall, Heaven is shattered. Safety. Family. Broken, all the angels are broken. The Metatron and Michael, as God's Regent and God's Warrior respectively, lead the repairs that will try to return Heaven to some semblance of order. More reserved, Michael lets the Metatron do most of the talking, but God whispers in Michael's ear too, and unlike the Metatron, Michael does not flaunt the Lord's favor. Michael does as he is told. He organizes the Archangel Council of Seven. He chooses two new Archangels to replace Lucifer and Beelzebub. He holds Gabriel.

But really, Michael would have done that last one anyway whether the Lord had asked it of him or not.

"I failed him," Gabriel whispers against Michael's shoulder, and the Warrior shushes him gently.

"Lucifer made his choice, and you, my dearest one, are not to blame for it."

Michael's heart had broken when he'd cast Lucifer from Heaven, and now he breaks all over again when Gabriel lies, spirit crushed, in his arms. Gabriel is good and sweet and does not deserve this.

But eventually Gabriel mends. Surrounded by love from his brother and sister angels, how could he not heal? They all do. And yet...Gabriel never heals completely. Michael can still see it sometimes, like a shadow over the other angel's pale face.

They lie resting in Eden when Gabriel asks, centuries later and seemingly out of the blue, "Don't leave me, alright?" but Michael knows exactly what his gentle friend is referring to.

Taking the other angel's hand, Michael peels off the white glove and presses a kiss against Gabriel's palm before lifting that China-white hand to his cheek. Cradling Gabriel's hand there, Michael brushes his cloth-covered fingertips against his companion's bare ones.

"I promise to never, ever leave you."


holiday drabbles part 1
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