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Hallo! Hope everyone had a Happy Commercial Chocolate-Giving Holiday! I didn't make anything special for the festivities, but I do have the next set of Asmodeus/Raphael drabbles that I should've posted last, last weekend. (Although in my defense, I was organizing a production of the Vagina Monologues so my first few weeks back to school were somewhat...harried. And I've been somewhat distracted.) Anyway...

Today I have the belated five drabbles along with some Gabriel art! <3 I was sorting through my art drawer of WIPs (yes, there's a whole desk drawer for them *sigh*) and decided that Gabriel could use some love.

I also unearthed a few Asmodeus/Raphael crack comics and memes while weeding through my WIPs so good things are on the way! And this weekend will be five drabbles for Lucifer/Beelzebub. In the meantime:

036 - Smell: 336 words
(sequel to drabble 032, lol)

It's a pleasant dream that holds Asmodeus in its thrall. The setting sun is warm on the demon's face, and a cool breeze ruffles his feathers (how strange to have four wings again). Asmodeus doesn't feel like an angel, but the demon lord certainly looks like one. Dream!Raphael certainly appears to be broaching no complaints. Instead the healer lays calmly, wings spread out and curving sweetly into Asmodeus's caresses as the demon grooms them.

And Eden... As wondrous as Asmodeus remembers though of course he was never here as an angel. The scent and beauty of the flowers is intoxicating, putting even the demon lord's elaborate Dis gardens to shame.

"Lovely, isn't it?" Asmodeus asks, adjusting a few feathers.

Raphael's contented "Very." makes Asmodeus smile, but hardly a second later, the angel is jerking upright and trying to squirm away from Asmodeus's hands. Shocked, the demon lord reacts quickly, moving with Raphael's sudden start and grasping the tops of the healer's wings to keep him from hurting them.

Raphael quiets down just as quickly, and Asmodeus struggles for something to say. "I didn't hurt you, did I...er, brother?" he asks uncomfortably, hoping he still looks like an angel, hoping the dream doesn't change into something less pleasant.

"N-no, I just...eh..." Raphael answers, seeming just as awkward as Asmodeus.

"Perhaps I'm a touch out of practice," Asmodeus admits, tenderly stroking some of the downy feathers that cluster near Raphael's shoulder blades. He has a vague recollection of how angels like their wings touched, but really, it's been millennia in the real world.

Raphael seems to closely scrutinize the demon for a long moment, but eventually he says, "Please continue, Asmodeus." before settling back upon the grass again.

And so the demon-turned-angel resumes his careful work, gloved fingers dutifully carding through feathers, gently straightening and smoothing. I'll kiss him, Asmodeus thinks as he finishes. Just once. It's so rare that Asmodeus gets close to Raphael in reality—surely his dreams won't begrudge him a sweet moment or two.

037 - Sound: 324 words
[Warning: some previous drabbles are non-con!]
(sequel to drabbles 009, 015, 019, 022, 030, 031, 033)

Raphael doesn't speak. Nor, really, does he give much indication at all that he's even registering the world around him. Truth be told, Asmodeus is surprised the angel is still alive (more or less). The demon lord had thought that an angel would die without its halo. Or Fall. Something. And still Raphael is here. Silent.

After that day, Lucifer had departed, not bothering to take Raphael. Asmodeus had been left, confused and at a loss, as he wondered just how much of this had been planned.

And Raphael...

The angel had lain corpse-pale and unconscious for over a week afterward. Asmodeus had been starting to wonder if he would ever wake or stir at all. Then one morning while the demon was taking breakfast on his garden terrace, Raphael had stepped out onto the terracotta deck, a Dis shadow flanking him on either side. For all intents and purposes, the angel looked well, physically fine.

Asmodeus had gasped, choking on coffee. "R-raphael...?"

And the angel had smiled in response: eerie, sweet, and completely vacant.

It seems to vary after that. Raphael will have good days where he recognizes Asmodeus fondly and bad days when he doesn't seem to know the demon at all. And always in everything the healer never speaks. Not a sound slips Raphael's lips and neither will he write—indeed, he does not seem to know how.

Prior to Lucifer's infamous visit, Asmodeus had known Raphael would come around. All protestations aside, what choice did the healer have but to submit to his new circumstances? But back then, Asmodeus had been dealing with a lucid Raphael. Angry and resentful, yes, but functioning. This new version is like a living ghost, and as days turn into weeks which turn into months, Asmodeus begins to despair of Raphael ever recovering.

And in a small corner of his being that the demon lord no longer even acknowledges, he is ashamed and blames himself.

038 - Touch: 174 words

In a bizarre sort of way, Asmodeus is the tiniest bit relieved that Raphael never gives in to his advances, never leaves the demon truly satisfied.

Asmodeus occasionally wonders how quickly he'd grow bored of the angel should he finally be allowed to touch him. The Archdemon of Lust has, unsurprisingly, had thousands of lovers, and few of them remained warming his bed for more than a little while. Long enough to hold them, long enough to touch them, long enough to grow bored. There have only ever been three exceptions to this pattern: Leviathan, Beelzebub, and of course Lucifer.

Would Raphael be a fourth name on that very exclusive list, or would the gentle healer just be another fleeting amusement? A footnote on Asmodeus's sex life: the first time he fucked an angel.

It is with this hesitation that Asmodeus still pursues Raphael anyways, the angel often interested but forever refusing. Perhaps for the best to be a little frustrated, Asmodeus would grudgingly admit. Perhaps some things are not meant to be touched.

039 - Taste: 185 words

Raphael sips at a Trockenbeerenauslese, a really good German one (the expensive kind), and inevitably thinks of Asmodeus. It was the demon who first wheedled Raphael into imbibing so perhaps it's not so odd that the angel should think of him.

Raphael slowly drinks the chilled alcohol. My, how it's been a while. He tastes the honeyed flavors of apricot and caramel, refreshing rather than cloying. A small smile flickers on the angel's lips as he pictures Asmodeus's reactions to his choice of vintage. Ironically, the demon would not approve. He's much more a champion of dry red wines—frequently of the most high quality French and Italian varieties, while denigrating dessert wines as "that sweet stuff".

Raphael almost misses the demon. They had seen so much of each other in the 19th century, and now the glitzy 1920s seem doubly strange without Asmodeus's familiar face.

And really that's the reason Raphael has taken to frequenting some of the fancy restaurants in their old haunts (mainly London and Paris).

Raphael hopes that one of these nights he may not end up drinking and dining alone.

040 - Sight: 506 words

Raphael shifts uncomfortably under Asmodeus's milky white stare. The snake demon looks exhausted from their chase across Media to the mountainous caves of northern Egypt. Asmodeus has also discarded his glamour magic; without it he doesn't appear human at all anymore. Raphael recoils a bit, and yet he can't help but feel intrigued by the monstrous creature's sinuous, gracefully aristocratic, movements.

Asmodeus is...certainly something to behold. Raphael has never seen a demon like him. The angel shudders with disgust and yet he can't bring himself to turn away. Can't turn away from those claws, fangs, and elegant carriage. Asmodeus almost resembles some sort of mythical snake god—python-brown skin, white hair, his lower half that of a serpent. And those filmy garnet eyes that seem to be looking directly at Raphael's face.

Raphael takes a quiet few steps to the side. Asmodeus's purple forked tongue flickers out, tasting the air, and he belatedly turns his head so that his gaze once more seems to be holding the angel's. It is an eerie motion.

"Well?" the demon finally says, defiant though knowing himself beaten.

With a steadying breath, Raphael speaks the words of Binding. Cords of white light burst into being, leaping from Raphael's outstretched palms across the cavern and coil around Asmodeus. The demon lets out a surprised yelp before toppling over.

With his quarry somewhat subdued, Raphael walks over to regard the writhing demon. With a snap of his fingers, the ropes haul Asmodeus upright, and Raphael begins adjusting them.

Asmodeus gives the angel a skeptical look. "These bindings will not hold me for long."

"They do not need to," Raphael replies curtly, still conjuring. "Once Sarah marries Tobias and consummates their union, she will be a wife, and your bargain with her will be made null. A few days should be enough," the angel adds pensively.

Tonguing peeking out of his mouth, Asmodeus adjusts the tilt of his head so that his useless eyes are scant few inches away from Raphael's green ones. "How callous of you," the demon sighs, sounding nearly sad. "You know, I never killed her husbands. Just left them somewhere else. And now... That poor girl."

Raphael almost loses his concentration under that strange scrutiny. From close-up, the effect is even more unsettling. "Are you truly blind, serpent, or only feigning at it?"

Asmodeus sneers. "I assure you, this is no act. During the Fall, some of our number were injured more grievously than others."

"The Fallen were foolish to think that they could defy God." Raphael's lips twitch in what could have been a smile as he continues cruelly, "One could say you've paid the price for your lack of foresight."

"And here Lucifer thinks angels have no sense of humor," Asmodeus scoffs. "I don't suppose the Healer of God would be powerful enough to improve my vision...?"

Said healer laughs coldly, giving the glowing ropes a last tug to make sure they are secure. "Whether I am able or not matters little. Either way, I would not bother."

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drabbles 031-035

This is the rough sketch of a drawing that I did in a friend's Christmas card a good number of years ago. This linework is quite oooold, back from before I decided that Gabriel was a Cherub and/or that I would depict Cherubim with four wings.

This image is newer, probably from around very early 2008. I unearthed the inked lineart and immediately realized why I never finished it. The anatomy of the bottom half of the picture is...not good. Instead of scrapping it this time, I introduced the drawing to a paper cutter and then finished the top half. Gabriel's such a sweetheart I don't even. :3

And one last thing. Humor me? XD
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