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Hey, flist! Sorry for the uber quiet as of late. To make a long story short, university knocked the stuffing out of me so I haven't been doing much of any writing that didn't involve referencing a textbook. ;___; But! I've graduated now, college is over, and thank goodness for that!

Also, it's confetti time! The series of Asmodeus/Raphael drabbles has reached the halfway mark. There's also a long bit of angel!Asmodeus/demon!Raphael. ;3 Enjoy!

046 - King: 148 words

Raphael kneels before the altar in Saint Peter's Basilica. It is very early in the morning, and the angel is grateful that he is alone. Although Raphael bows his head to pray, the words fail to come. It's just like every other time he's stepped in here. Even in Heaven, Raphael's prayers die on his lips before he can give voice to them.

He needs to pray for Fortitude. For the strength to resist garnet eyes, a charming smile, and the honeyed words that promise lies. For all his sweet gestures, Raphael knows that Asmodeus no longer loves him as he once did when they were both in Heaven. The demon's eyes always betray his true motives, but Raphael still yearns to believe and must fight with himself to remember reality.

God should be the only King of Raphael's heart, but lately he seems to keep getting replaced

047 - Heart: 246 words
(sequel to drabbles 009, 015, 019, 022, 030, 031, 033, 037, 041, 044)

Michael's heart breaks as soon as he feels Raphael's aura. Or, more accurately, Raphael's lack of one. Even when their halos aren't manifested, there is always a feeling of Grace around an angel, of divine energy, but with Raphael, it's just...gone.

Then those empty green eyes look at him without a shred of recognition, and Michael knows he is too late.

Three quick strides and Michael is beside Raphael. He pulls the other angel into a tight embrace that Raphael returns with baffled politeness. "What have you done...?" Michael whispers fiercely, looking over Raphael's shoulder and straight at Lucifer. "You monster! What have you done?!"

The Devil shrugs, unmoved. "Spare me your theatrics, Michael. You wanted him back; I made it happen. If condition was important, you should have said so."

"How dare you! I took every care to make sure that Beelzebub was not harmed after he was captured—!"

"And I appreciate that. However, I wasn't the one who broke Raphael's halo. He did that himself—"

"I know you had a hand in it!"

This time Lucifer fails to hide a wicked smile, and that cruel expression makes Michael's blood boil. Had they not all been brothers once? How can Lucifer be so heartless...? Michael's shoulders slump with defeat. "You are despicable..."

"There's your brother," Lucifer snaps imperiously. "Our deal is complete so take him and go—before I change my mind."

Still glaring at Lucifer, Michael holds Raphael close and Ascends.

048 - Diamond: 132 words

The memories are like falling diamonds: lustrous, shining things that catch the light and unwaveringly draw the eye. Every moment that Asmodeus spends with Raphael sends another shower of diamond memories, too bright and chaotic, scattering through his mind.

Things about Heaven he thought long forgotten are dragged out for Asmodeus to relive and almost regret. It's like an old wound, bandaged but festering under the linen wrappings. The more the demon lord recalls about his and Raphael's old camaraderie, the more he aches.

Asmodeus knows he should stop reaching out to Raphael, but he can't quite seem to help himself. The memories may be as pretty as diamonds, but they are as equally sharp as them too. However, he catches these bittersweet recollections and holds them close even though it hurts.

049 - Queen: 133 words

Raphael walked over toward Asmodeus, and the demon smirked as she watched her angel come closer.

Said angel could feel those garnet eyes on her and glared down at the demon seated on a bench in front of her. "Must you always ogle me? Every time?"

Asmodeus laughed. "Oh please, honey. You're curvy but not that much of a stunner."

Raphael's reaction was priceless as it shifted between embarrassed and offended before eventually settling on irritation. "I'm curvier than you."

"Shut up."

Raphael chuckled a little as she sat down next to Asmodeus. "Then why do you stare at me?"

"I like the view. No, not like that...well, not just like that." Asmodeus smiled, the expression unusually tender for her. "The way you walk is so...noble. Something almost reminiscent of a Queen."

050 - Joker: 426 words

Raphael is a Joker card, Hell's maverick, a loose cannon.

...and a long time ago, he was Asmodeus's most beloved friend. He's nothing like that now. Since his Fall, Raphael has become a creature of darkness—a creature, perhaps, of shadow. Raphael has an uncanny ability to move through space—even through dimension. How else could he go from Hell to Earth in an instant? No one, save perhaps Lucifer, has ever figured out how Raphael does it.

Whenever Asmodeus sees shadows, he suspects. He wonders. This is why he's standing in the middle of the sidewalk, alone, near one of the less used entrances to Friedreichstrasse Station in Berlin. It's almost a challenge, but even though he's expecting Raphael, Asmodeus still jumps with surprise when the demon lays hands on him.

"Sweet, sweet Asmodeus," that sibilant voice coos. "One would think you were waiting for me."

"I wait for Seraph Lucifer," Asmodeus snaps back. It is a warning as much as a fact. Not even Raphael would be likely to try something right under Lucifer's nose.

"Oh, but I know that," the demon says. "Is that why you're suddenly so bold? Because big brother is only a few blocks away at the Deutsches Theatre?"

Asmodeus draws in a sharp breath. "How do you—?!"

"I have my ways..." Raphael purrs, palms pressing downward as the demon slides his hands along Asmodeus's sides before grasping his waist, holding him close.

Asmodeus's stomach tenses painfully. Raphael is one cotton shirt away from touching bare skin, and this is too much like an embrace for Asmodeus to bear. Part of him wants some touch—any touch—from the being who was once his closest friend, but the logical part of Asmodeus's mind screams at him to beware. In the end, Asmodeus neither fights nor encourages...but in a way, the angel does give in.

Humming, Raphael walks them backwards, his hands still on Asmodeus. Lovesick fool that he is, the angel lets him. His grey eyes prickle with tears at the light kiss against the nape of his neck, but in the next second, Asmodeus is bumping up against the wall, and Raphael is gone.

Startled, Asmodeus jumps forward, turns, and reaches for Raphael, but there's no one here. The street corner appears eerie in its emptiness now, and the darkness is more oppressive than before. On the surface though, nothing seems to have changed. This entrance isn't directly under a street lamp so there are numerous shadows, but for a second, Asmodeus almost things they had felt solid.

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Date: 2011-05-23 01:03 pm (UTC)
cattygabriel: (Sad)
From: [personal profile] cattygabriel
I was going to say Diamond was the most heartbreaking, and then I read Joker. ;_;

And Heart! Poor Michael!

*hugs everyone*

Beautiful work as always. <3

Date: 2011-06-20 03:27 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] marian-vel.livejournal.com
GREAT! I missed these *_*


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