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Well, this drabble batch was supposed to be posted on Monday, but until now I haven't been able to load LJ. It kinda figures when I finally have something to update, LJ has problems. XD Hopefully the DDOS attacks end soon. :/

Anyway... It's been awhile, yeah. So here's a vaguely Twitter-sized update of my crazy life: finished college with a BA in History, got a job as an IT Analyst, got a car. ^^

Have a happy Thursday, everyone! XD

011 - Red: 195 words

Red lash marks crisscrossed Beelzebub's back where Lucifer had whipped him. There were even a couple droplets of blood in one or two places where the strike had bit too deep.

Slowly the other demon crawled across the floor to kneel at Lucifer's feet. The Devil smiled wickedly, eyes not straying from that marked back or the bruises marring Beelzebub's body. There was no elegance now as the Duke moved ungainly on all fours, but there was a certain poetry to it, something very pleasing about being able to command someone so strong to kneel submissively.

The Devil knew it unnerved Beelzebub to be naked when Lucifer was still fully dressed, but there was no displeasure in the other's eyes. Only a willing desire to serve. For all the Duke's prickly irritability and spitfire jibes, he could be entirely docile at the Devil's command.

"Beautiful," Lucifer purred, touching the whip's handle to Beelzebub's cheek. "I realize the quality of the canvas helps determine the worth of the outcome, but wouldn't you agree that I am a skilled artist?"

"I would, Lord," Beelzebub replied demurely, tilting his head to obediently kiss the handle of the whip.

012 - Grey: 211 words

Lucifer gestured to the open theater room. "Play for me. An hour and then I'll let you go about your business finding your psychic, and Hell shall not interfere."

"An hour may be too long!" Beelzebub argued.

Lucifer merely smiled, uncaring. "And if I come after him personally, no time shall be enough."

"So I am to play like a trained pet for your amusement...?"

The Devil closed in, hands tenderly bracketing Beelzebub's face, but the pressure behind that touch was rough, and the angel's expression flinched though he wisely did not pull away.

"My dear old friend, don't pretend for even a second that I'm not going easy on you. I could have demanded ten times this price," Lucifer said sweetly. "Now go play like a good little angel." Patting Beelzebub's cheek condescendingly, the Devil nudged him in the direction of the violin and music stand.

Eschewing the seat provided, Beelzebub ignored the closed book of music as well. Instead, he picked up the violin and closed his eyes. Lucifer sat holding his breath, his elbows on his knees and his folded hands pressed against his mouth.

The room seemed very still as Beelzebub made ready; all was grey and silent save for the downpour outside.

And then he played.

013 - White: 273 words

When winter came in New York, Lucifer always took note. January was his favorite because those gaudy Christmas decorations were usually gone by then, and everything was beautifully white. For the Devil, January in New York meant one thing: ice-skating. For whatever reason, the demon found New York the perfect place for having an ice rink. Pleasantly colder than England but lacking that icy bite of Canada.

Normally, Lucifer enjoyed a winter night skating by himself, alone with his own thoughts. However, there came a time when he did invite Beelzebub to join him. He knew the other would say yes simply because it was Lucifer asking, but still when Beelzebub so readily agreed, the Devil was surprised.

The surprise didn't last long. As soon as the two demons were on the ice, Beelzebub displayed a skill and creativity in his movements that would have rivaled some of the mortal professionals.

Finally Lucifer came up to his companion, sliding to a slow stop. "You've clearly done this before. Many times before, I'd wager."

"And what if I have?"

"You?" Lucifer teased. "Doing something frivolous with no apparent work value?"

"I could provide you a well-organized and convincing spiel about the importance of honing one's agility and coordination, but I suppose that's not really necessary at this point in the evening." The Duke actually smiled a little, chuckling with amusement. "You don't always know everything about me, my Lord."

"Perhaps I don't," Lucifer replied, grinning appreciatively as he looped an arm around Beelzebub's waist. Even after so much time, it was nice that the two of them could still manage to surprise each other.

014 - Black: 277 words
(possibly a sequel to drabble 010)

Lucifer stood, head bowed, before Metatron's desk, but it wasn't God's regent who occupied the seat now. For all the room's pristine neatness, it nevertheless had an aura of blackness and corruption now.

Since Heaven's defeat, Beelzebub, the Lord of Hell, had taken over this particular office.

"Isn't it funny?" the Devil hissed, orange eyes riveted on Lucifer's downcast face. "Everything you strove for in your ages-old Rebellion is now mine."

Lucifer opened his sad blue eyes, finally looking at his former-friend straight on. "You were always a skilled hand at tactics, but what we once fought for many millennia ago was not right," the Archangel said in reply. Even in surrender there was ever an undercurrent to his voice, some strong resonant mettle that was solely Lucifer.

Beelzebub seemed to notice it as well. He steepled his fingers, elbows bent upon the desk. "A pity you and Michael are not quite of my calibre. I already have you, and Michael's pitiful little resistance can't last much more than another month or two. He only has two Archangels left now that you've been taken prisoner, and Metatron's head is currently impaled on the Palace gates."

"You're despicable."

"I learned from the best, you traitor," Beelzebub retorted snippily. "And where is the God you ran cowering back to? What Apocalypse is this that He should so easily allow Hell's forces to overrun His kingdom?"

Lucifer drew himself up as much as he was able with the heavy link chains binding him. "Christ stands with Michael!"

"And what of the Father, hmm? Without His help, the pitiful dregs of the angel army are not strong enough to oppose me."

015 - Blue: 397 words

After about two months of working and living in Boston, Louis convinced Bennett that they should take a short car trip up north to Vermont.

Bennett had sighed as he chopped vegetables for a stir-fry. "We don't have the money for extra gas, and do you even know what they're charging for tolls these days?"

"Eh, I was just throwing it out there y'know? We've been going kind of nonstop without a breather."

Louis's words were as nonchalant as always, but Bennett knew better. Though the other young man was too proud to admit it, Bennett figured it would mean a lot to him to get out of the city for awhile.

They had only picked Boston because that was where Bennett had managed to land a job, as a lecturer at Boston College. Bennett felt awkward and rushed in the city whereas Louis could've passed for a born-and-bred urbanite. However, appearances were deceiving, and it was really Louis who missed South Dakota most. Not the Bible-thumping, traditionalist mentality of their old hometown but the way the town had looked. Trees and mountains and wide-open places. Bennett knew it would make his lover happy to go somewhere like that so in the end, he relented.

Although he'd originally agreed to this for Louis's sake, Bennett felt his own spirits lifting too as they went further from the bustle of Boston and up into the high mountains and sweeping valleys of Vermont. The route was easy, all wide highway, and the two young men carried on a contented conversation while Louis drove their rickety old Chevie, and always Bennett found himself looking at the sky.

"Nice day, isn't it?" Louis asked, following the other's gaze.

"Yes," Bennett replied languidly. "Blue...like your eyes."

"Wow, you sounded romantic for a minute there," the blonde joked. "I hope the world doesn't end before we make it the rest of the way to Burlington."

"Oh shut up. You've killed the moment. And put your hands back on the wheel, Louis!"

Louis attempted and failed an innocent tone of voice. "I just want to put my arm around your shoulders."

Bennett rolled his eyes, but he did rest his hand atop Louis's on the steering wheel. "Wait till we're done driving, yeah? Then we can walk around arm in arm if it makes you happy. Honestly, you're so irresponsible."

Louis just smiled.

And some fanart for 012! ^___^

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