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I've been pretty wild busy as of late—all sorts of life developments and such (mostly good stuff but still tiring, lol)—but I didn't want to skip out on offering holiday drabbles. They've been a tradition since I started my LJ in 2004, dammit. Soooo even though it's already December 20th, I hope some of you may still take this opportunity to ask for some fic. ;3

For those of you new to my journal, you're all welcome to comment with a request too.

Everyone, please comment with at least a fandom. But you can also be more specific and suggest a character, pairing, prompt, or some other detail as well. Since it's a little late in the game, I'll probably post the drabbles in chunks with some on Christmas Day and the rest on New Year's Day.

Historical Fandoms I'll write for: French and Indian War, French Revolution, 1776/American Revolution, Victorian/Edwardian England, WWII/Nazi Germany.

Everything Else: Underworld, Hannibal Lecter series (book & movieverse), Judeo-Christian mythology, Sherlock Holmes (bookverse), The Scarlet Pimpernel (based on any movie version), Good Omens, Harry Potter (book & movieverse), Pirates of the Caribbean, Constantine/Hellblazer, any of my original stories.
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