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Y'know one thing I love about New Hampshire? Fireworks are completely legal. Around here, 4th of July celebrations began last Friday, and ever since there have been fireworks set off every night with much gusto. And there will probably be more fireworks tomorrow night just because. Welcome to the Pyro State! Boo-yah!

Also, I have art. Forgive the fluffy title... XD In honor of Independence Day, I was watching the musical 1776 when I got hit with this little art bunny. So here's a little John Adams and Thomas Jefferson. Can be taken as slash or friendship at the viewers' preference.

Title: Red, White, Blue, and You
Fandom: 1776
Medium: Pencil, ink, and colored pencils.
Pairing: mild Adams/Jefferson
Rating: G

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Busy, busy day. I have an Algebra II test tomorrow and a whole lot of review work to do. Bleh. But I also finally got enough time to start reading The French Revolution by Thomas Carlyle, a book Mr. Stone lent me. I find I'm really starting to get interested in the French Revolution, particularly concerning the revolutionaries Robespierre and Saint-Just. And speaking of lends, Mr. Stone also let me borrow the movie, Northwest Passage which I believe is circa the French and Indian War. *basks in the historic goodness*

After school, the literary magazine, The Wandering Pen, had its first editorial meeting. I was also finally able to submit some artwork, six pictures just to offer some variety. So far the leading two submissions I've offered and that people really like the most are both slashy. lol One is Prelude to a Kiss, a Kraven/Soren ink pic I did awhile ago. The other is a 1776 Richard Lee/John Adams one I did about a week ago titled "Mr. Lee, GET OFF!":

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Personally, I'm really crossing my fingers and hoping especially for the Lee/Adams one. ;D
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Happy Thanksgiving everybody! I hope everyone had a great holiday. In typical silly fashion, I have been enjoying the all-day cartoon marathons. XD Later my grandparents came over our house, and my whole family had a great time. There was pumpkin pie, potatoes, and stuffing in this massive turkey. Y'see, my mom couldn't find a medium sized one. Not that I mind of course. Bigger turkey=more stuffing.

And because I have a warped sense of humor, I also drew a 1776 comic featuring chibi!John Adams and chibi!Edward Rutledge:

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