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More Constantine slash! A little while ago, I bought the comic version of the Constantine movie, and this scene of Constantine/Balthazar at the club just deserved to be posted. Y'see, the comic is way slashier than the movie... ^_~

Look! The rubberpants command you! )

ETA: Well, I was pleasantly surprised (i.e. my eyes popped out) to find a ton of comments on my posts in the respective Constantine slash comms. Anyways, I couldn't resist drawing those two. They're rather anime style, but I like how my pic came out. I just can't get enough of that forked tongue!

Balthazar/Constantine: PG-13 )

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Note to self: Your pinstripe pants can't withstand the blistering winds of New Hampshire winter when you are waiting 15 minutes for your bus.


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