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I figured I should make a post for my non-Underworld colorbars since there are a few more in the making. The Albino Bunnies one was inspired by one of [livejournal.com profile] mypaleangel's posts.

Albino Bunnies Are Love )

Hook/Pan Is Eternal Chan )

Fresh Orange Juice Is Love )

SW character: General Grievous )

As with the UW colorbars, if anyone would like to request a colorbar, feel free. ^_^
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To show my Underworld support, I have made colorbars. Two things I would like to ask if you intend on posting one or more of my creations in your journal: First, don't say the colorbar was made by you. Such a rude action will quickly bring my wrath down upon your head. And second, you may feel free to change the text that will appear beneath the bar, but don't change the part that links back to this entry.

See the pretty colors... )

Two more colorbars. )

Yet another colorbar. )


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