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Mayhap you've seen the new Mac ads floating around on TV? They're the ones with Justin Long (on the right) as a Mac computer and John Hodgman (on the left) as a PC.

Cut for images )

They network themselves by holding hands. O_O Whoever wrote these commercials is a genius. However, instead of making me want a Mac, the ads have done two other (probably largely unintended) things:

1.) They've made me love my darling, sometimes dysfunctional, little PC even more.
2.) They've made me want to slash Mac and PC lyke wh0a!

So I did. *grin*

Also, in case anyone wants to see 'em, the ads are on Apple.com here. My PC kept locking up though when I tried to view them so instead I downloaded them through a PC World article. Just go here and right-click on the clip titles and choose Save As. They're only a about 2.5MB each.

Title: Am I Fat?
Fandom: computer technology
Pairing: Mac/PC
Rating: G
Summary: PC worries about his appearance.
Notes: Utter fluff. I can't believe I actually wrote this. No wait, yes, I can.

PC knew he wasn't the slimmest computer on the market anymore. )

x-posted to [livejournal.com profile] mac_hearts_pc where you can find even more of the craziness.

In other news, I also have a shiny new lay-out. It's a total 180 from my last one. *grins* This one is mostly white. O_o I also used my s'Accrocher Saint-Just/Robespierre drawing for the header. And by the by, in case anyone's wondering, the words on the header are: "M'accroches, et ne me délaisses jamais." which more or less translates to "Cling to me, and never abandon me." Yes, yes, very mushy, I know…

I also have a moodtheme now! ZOMG,YES!!!11!1! It is of the dear Commodore Norrington in all his naval goodness. It's a little on the large side (100x75), but I'm quite pleased with it. Next moodtheme I go for will probably be more like 75x50 though.

Now I must make some shiny new icons… *smile*
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Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] japanpeterpan, I finally tried using some of those dollmaker things. Anyway, being the geek I am, I made Underworld ones, but since most/all(?) of the doll items were for girls, I only did Selene and Erika. My mind would like to think that they are fairly accurate representations...

Selene )

Erika )

And now the icons! (There's 11 total.)
Btw, please comment if you plan on using any of them, and then credit in the icon description. Thank you!

The normal... )

...the slashy... )

...and the amusing. )

Note To Self: Look for more pictures with Soren and Kraven. If anyone knows of any, please help me out. *puppyface*


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