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This semester I have had the pleasure of writing, for a class, fanfiction (of a sort)—also known as my theatre class paper. For the assignment, I took two play characters Peter Stockman from An Enemy of the People and Leonid Gayev from The Cherry Orchard...and slashed them. XD
"An Epilogue in Paris"

... )

And now for something completely different... I'll need this to distract me when I want to take a break from my financial accounting project tomorrow. -__-' Swiped from [livejournal.com profile] jestana:
Give me a character or pairing and I will write snippets of ten different alternate universe for it. One line, ten lines, a ficlet if you're lucky. [ETA: Or if you're very, very lucky a quick sketch. But that's a big maybe. XD]

1. wild west:
2. cyberpunk:
3. furries:
4. pirates:
5. ...in SPACE!!:
6. born another gender:
7. schoolfic:
8. police/firefighters:
9. urban fantasy:
10. harem:
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Whoo, some MoTF stuff at last! And there's more still in the works. For now though, four pictures and a story snippet.

A little slashy, but everything should be worksafe. There is a threesome pic (Nathaniel/Jean-Marie/Julien), but it's incredibly tame.

the drawings! )

Also, I am plotting to dress up as Commodore Norrington for the third PotC movie, and I managed to find a decent wig in a costume shop in Salem, MA this weekend; not The Best Wig Ever, but it shall suffice. ;3
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At fourteen pages the Mistletoe comic is at last done. It's set at the fictional White Owl tavern in Nova Scotia a couple years before Masters of Their Field. Nathaniel Merrington and Julien Marksby, two British army captains who have a serious rivalry with each other, are the main characters, but naval captain Robin Tremaine is also present. This comic does contain mild slash.

Since last Thursday, I've been on a watercoloring rampage, spending five to eight hours a day on this comic. XD I finished editing the text in my first period class this morning, and I'm sooo happy to have finally completed this project. Although I liked it, I don't plan on doing anymore comics in watercolor again; it was pretty hard. So my next comics will most likely be ink/pencil/colored pencil. :3

Until I put "Mistletoe" up on my website and do all the html coding, I have uploaded the comic (and the ficlet that started it) to sendspace.com.

Mistletoe, 4.05 MB

ETA (4/7/07): And now it can also be found here at the MoTF website.
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Well, it finally, actually happened... After just over a year of working on the MoTF story, I have finally finished chapter one! O_O

Title: Masters of Their Field (chapter 1)
Fandom: French and Indian War historical fiction
Rating: PG-13 (for language; rating will go up)
Pairing: will eventually be Nathaniel Merrington/Dimitri Gisée
Summary: The French and Indian War has been going on for about two years now when Nathaniel Merrington is sent from Nova Scotia to New York and then north along the Hudson River where he will help run a British fort. However, what starts out as a simple appointment to a colonial outpost quickly spirals out of Nathaniel's hands when he and a French soldier, Dimitri Gisée, end up uncovering a double agent playing the French and British forces in North America against each other.
Notes: Translations of French dialogue are footnoted. (Constructive crit welcome, especially on grammar/spelling.)

chapter 1

Happy Presidents Day, everyone! w00t!
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First semester is quickly drawing to a close, just a couple more weeks now. *sniffle* I'm going to miss my French and English classes when they're over. On the bright side, since my average is so high in those classes, I may be exempt from taking the final exam. w00t!

And speaking of English, my class was finally assigned to write another story using vocabulary from the curriculum. I chose to write about Masters of Their Field shortly after Nathaniel's arrival in the American colonies, and I thought I'd share. It's short and a bit rough around the edges but not too bad overall. Oh and the vocab. words are underlined.

...nothing cures a long voyage of subsisting on moldy hardtack and stale water better than a good meal at a good tavern... )

Soon to be posted:
-the Nate/Julien watercolor comic (I have not forgotten it!)
-Nathaniel with sword
-Nathaniel/Dimitri pre-kiss
-...a few other things
-And since I haven't done this yet, a poll!

[Poll #903812]

(In case anyone isn't sure who's who, MoTF character page is here.
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Thank you, [livejournal.com profile] kaenhoushaki and [livejournal.com profile] dragong for the Christmas cards! *glomp* They're lovely!

Christmas Drabbles
Yup, if you would like to request something, comment with a character, pairing, prompt, etc.

Some of my fandoms: French and Indian War, French Revolution, American Revolution, WWII, Underworld, Hannibal Lecter series (book & movieverse), Marathon Man, Van Helsing, 1776, The Crucible, the Bible, Sherlock Holmes, The Scarlet Pimpernel (based on any movie version, I've seen all three), Star Wars, Sleepy Hollow, Lord of the Rings (movieverse), and Harry Potter (book & movieverse), Invader Zim, Angel Sanctuary, Pokemon, Pet Shop of Horrors, DearS, Diabolo, Earthian, Johnny the Homicidal Maniac, Courtney Crumrin, etc.

Oh and the weather is so warm around here lately that it feels like September. Where is the snow?!
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Yesterday my English prof gave my class an interesting assignment: write a story using 15 of our 20 vocabulary words from unit 3. So I quickly decided to write a scene from my French and Indian War story, Masters of Their Field. It's not my best writing because I had to make sure I included enough vocab words, but it still went off well.

When I had to read it aloud in class, I was worried as hell, but approximately half the class actually applauded. Out of about ten readings, mine was the only one anyone clapped for, and that totally made my day. ^_^ Of course, I was also reading with enthusiasm. (i.e. For Nate's lines I tried to sound pissed and for Robin's I tried to act cheerful.) so that probably made it less boring too. I was so nervous that I couldn't manage a British accent though; my hands were shaking and everything. *sheepish* Maybe next time… *grin*

I'll probably include this (or something very similar to it) in the actual MoTF story. It turned out to be a rather nice scene although I'd have to tweak the dialogue and replace some of the vocabulary words first to make it flow a bit more smoothly.

Anyways, this takes place towards the very beginning of the story, right before Nathaniel lands in the New World.

a little vignette )

ETA: [livejournal.com profile] muted_storms drew me more MoTF fanart. Dimitri/Nathaniel this time. They look so trés, trés sexy! *melt*
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Finally, a Masters of Their Field update. Wow, it's been awhile! There's plenty more coming which I might have finished soon in spite of evil school.

On with ze art…

Read more... )

Whew, and that's it! Next time, some watercolor!

Other than that, my cousin Christopher is here, and we just spent the last couple hours gallavanting at Barnes & Noble. *eagerly reads new book*
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Mmm, even more rain today, and no school again. Unfortunately, today I've actually had to work since I'm pretty sure there'll be school tomorrow. I have this big ass 4th quarter computer project I need to finish. *flails* And yet in spite of that, I'm about to post a drabble meme, but drabbles don't take very long, and I haven't done one of these things in a while...

gakked from [livejournal.com profile] lacecravat,

Every person on your friends list gets to request a drabble (read drabble: 100 words exactly) from you. In return, they have to post this in their journal and write a drabble for you. Post all fandoms you're willing to write for. Your friends can pick a relationship, a story arc, a missing scene, or pretty much anything they want, unless the author has previously mentioned that they will not write it. They comment with what they want, and you write drabbles and post it in your journal.

Fandoms I'll Write For: Damn, there's a lot... )

*goes off to be productive now*
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Wow, I still can't believe this idea is actually sticking. *grin* For the last two weeks, I've really been writing a lot for it. I've also decided I want the story to end up as a heavily-illustrated novella. Currently I'm writing it in play format though because a) it's surprisingly easy and b) because I also want to eventually make this into a comic. Like that'll ever happen. >_<

Anyways on with the pics…

Now to prove that Nathaniel isn't always a twit, I have drawn him showing affection to one of the things he likes very much: tea. This pic is definitely going in the story too so I decided to change the short scene that goes with it from play format to regular story prose and post it too.

Mmm, tea... )

Dimitri/Nathaniel about to kiss )

Coming up in the next D/N story post:
-a plot outline...hopefully. I've got it about half done
-some expression sketches for Nate and Dimitri
-a picture with an actual background *gasp*
-maybe even a title for this story O__O
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Okay, in my last post I mentioned something about a slashy story set in America during the French and Indian War (mid 1700's). It's been nagging me ever since I saw PBS's French and Indian War program in January. Talk about a persistent plotbunny. o_0

So the plot at its most very basic is during a battle towards the beginning of the French and Indian War a French soldier and a British soldier get separated far from their regiments as well as "civilization" in general. Faced with a variety of dangers, they realize that their best shot at getting back to their respective armies alive is to work together and reluctantly agree to get along.

Man, that is so vague, but I promise it'll be fleshed out later. Really. Anywho, the two protagonists…

The Brit )

The Frenchman )


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