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Hallo! Hope everyone had a Happy Commercial Chocolate-Giving Holiday! I didn't make anything special for the festivities, but I do have the next set of Asmodeus/Raphael drabbles that I should've posted last, last weekend. (Although in my defense, I was organizing a production of the Vagina Monologues so my first few weeks back to school were somewhat...harried. And I've been somewhat distracted.) Anyway...

Today I have the belated five drabbles along with some Gabriel art! <3 I was sorting through my art drawer of WIPs (yes, there's a whole desk drawer for them *sigh*) and decided that Gabriel could use some love.

I also unearthed a few Asmodeus/Raphael crack comics and memes while weeding through my WIPs so good things are on the way! And this weekend will be five drabbles for Lucifer/Beelzebub. In the meantime:

036 )
037 )
038 )
039 )
040 )

drabbles 001-005
drabbles 006-010
drabbles 011-015
drabbles 016-020
drabbles 021-025
drabbles 026-030
drabbles 031-035

...and Gabriel. )

And one last thing. Humor me? XD
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Question to my flist. If I were to draw Raphael (that's this guy) in a Lolita-esque costume, what color should it be? Somehow, I can't decide. XD

[Poll #1374961]

Edit: Purple it is! Thank you everyone who voted! Poll is closed since I hope to start coloring soon. *wink*

Raphael: o_O You are all very not-nice people for encouraging this inappropriate behavior.

Asmodeus: WHOO!

(This is from a deviantART character meme in case any of you were wondering what the hell has possessed me. The meme can be found here if you're curious about the other things I'll be doing to Raphael, lol.)
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First semester is quickly drawing to a close, just a couple more weeks now. *sniffle* I'm going to miss my French and English classes when they're over. On the bright side, since my average is so high in those classes, I may be exempt from taking the final exam. w00t!

And speaking of English, my class was finally assigned to write another story using vocabulary from the curriculum. I chose to write about Masters of Their Field shortly after Nathaniel's arrival in the American colonies, and I thought I'd share. It's short and a bit rough around the edges but not too bad overall. Oh and the vocab. words are underlined.

...nothing cures a long voyage of subsisting on moldy hardtack and stale water better than a good meal at a good tavern... )

Soon to be posted:
-the Nate/Julien watercolor comic (I have not forgotten it!)
-Nathaniel with sword
-Nathaniel/Dimitri pre-kiss
-...a few other things
-And since I haven't done this yet, a poll!

[Poll #903812]

(In case anyone isn't sure who's who, MoTF character page is here.


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