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What's this? A full-length fic? Why yes! XD ...okay, it's not that long, but at least it's bigger than a drabble, lol.

So here's a bit of AU Asmodeus/Raphael for you all. This one was started waaaaay back in April and then got set aside. However, I've recently begun another storyline with my RP partner [livejournal.com profile] halosphere, and we're doing an AU featuring angel!Asmodeus and a demon!Raphael. Unsurprisingly, that made me want to go pick up this fic again (though her Raphael is gearing up to be plenty more evil than this one *grin*).

Next update should be Lucifer/Beelzebub again. In the meantime, enjoy the fic! ^^

Title: Fate Refracted
Fandom: Judeo-Christian mythology
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: demon!Raphael/angel!Asmodeus
Summary: There are many courses the future could have taken.

On the rare occasions that Asmodeus permits himself a bit of sleep, he almost always dreams the same thing: a memory.

It takes place not long after the Fall, and he's running through Heaven's primary infirmary searching for Raphael. Yes, Michael had rebelled, but surely Raphael would've seen the truth and not followed, even at the last second surely. But it's a false hope. Raphael is nowhere in Heaven, and Asmodeus knows why.

Together they had been the Angels of Love.

Now Asmodeus is the only one.


It's many, many centuries after the Fall before Asmodeus lays eyes on Raphael again, and when he does, in that arid city of Media... It's agony to see that once beloved face mocking him as that creature with Raphael's voice asks wouldn't Asmodeus like to embrace him?

The Archangel wins their confrontation, but when he returns to Heaven, Asmodeus makes the mistake of confiding his feelings to Lucifer and Beelzebub. He tells them how heart-broken he was to see Raphael this way...but he also admits to wanting to see the demon again. "I think you need a leave of recovery first," Beelzebub replies as nonchalantly as he can. "A good rest to sort your feelings out before anymore missions on Earth."

Asmodeus looks aghast before he can stop himself. Hopeful of a higher backer, the Angel of Love turns to Lucifer instead, but in the end, the Morningstar reluctantly agrees with Beelzebub. However, Asmodeus couldn't be kept up in Heaven forever, not when his powers are needed on Earth. And so eventually the abstention is over, and after that, Asmodeus never mentions Raphael to anyone again or the fact that he has begun to see the demon more and more regularly. Almost as if Raphael is seeking out Asmodeus.

Weak, so weak—that is how the Archangel feels. He is never strong enough to put a stop to Raphael's advances. His former-friend. His present enemy. The being he has always loved.

Is it any surprise then that Asmodeus succumbed?


"Hello, my love." Tender fingers caress the back of Asmodeus's neck and the angel jumps about a foot, leaping from his chair and whirling around to face the interloper.

"Don't call me that," Asmodeus whispers, eyes showing hurt, as he gently brushes the skin the other touched as if feeling for scorch marks. Raphael's smile is patient and forbearing, and the charade of it turns Asmodeus's stomach.

In the small café, all eyes are—subtly or overtly—turned on them. Even without the little commotion, the two immortals would stand out: Asmodeus knows he appears handsome, pleasing by mortal standards, and Raphael is nearly exotic with his white hair yet youthful face. His eyes are deceptively normal looking, a brown amber instead of bright yellow. For now.

Even with the table currently separating them—Asmodeus had nervously skittered around to the other side—the Archangel can feel his counterpart's demonic power affecting the others in the room. Some of the weaker humans regard Asmodeus coldly, and he can hear the faint echo of their thoughts, of them wishing they were the objects of Raphael's attention.

Their Envy and Lust makes Asmodeus's skin crawl because it's such a far cry from the truth. It's not the mortals' fault, not really. Raphael is manipulating their emotions somewhat, letting his infernal energy feed the bystanders' own inclinations for sin. And the Fallen angel knows it too if that shit-eating grin on his face is anything to go by.

"Stop it," Asmodeus hisses softly. He's one of the Cherubim; his divine power should at least be sufficient enough to counteract Raphael's influence, but Asmodeus is hopelessly scattered and off-balance just at this moment. It's tipping the scales in the demon's favor.

Raphael laughs, deceptively friendly like wind chimes clinking. "Oh do sit down, old friend. You'll cause a scene." The Archdemon follows his own advice, fine-tailored jacket draping elegantly as he seats himself.

Black suits him, Asmodeus thinks before he can hush that thought. With forced calm, he also sits, fists clenched.

Raphael reaches for the angel's hands, pinning them to the tabletop. Asmodeus can feel the rushing heat of that touch against the tops of his fingers even through his gloves and curses his own weakness for the hundredth time.

"It's been a while, lover," the Archdemon of Lust purrs. "What say we go somewhere more....private?"

But Asmodeus shakes his head, words wavering though they are nonetheless a refusal. "I-I can't. It isn't right."

Raphael shoots him a sullen glare. "It's always this way with you, isn't it? You protest my attentions yet low-and-behold surrender to me in the end anyway. We fuck and then in the morning you go on a self-loathing bender, promising yourself you'll be stronger next time, resist temptation. But soon enough you break down all over again." The glower shifts easily into a toothy smile. "Though if this is just another one of your little frantically imposed dry spells, then I don't mind waiting till you fall off the wagon again. To be honest, watching you struggle to resist but failing over and over again is more fun than if you just gave in outright."

"Don't..." Asmodeus turns his face away but can't bring himself to pull back from the other's touch.

Slim elegant hands slide from the demon's fingers to his forearms. "I know you miss me."

"I miss the angel you were."

A half smile and nearly yellow eyes mock Asmodeus. "Pity he's gone then. I'm the best you'll get now."

"Not today."

Raphael slouches back comfortably. "As you like. I suppose I'll indulge your refusals a while longer. We both know you'll cave sooner or later."

Just then a glass breaks somewhere behind them. Like a predictable idiot, Asmodeus turns and looks, realizing his mistake even as he makes it. The angel whips back around to face Raphael, but he's already too late; the demon is gone.

For a second, Asmodeus almost thinks he caught sight of the edge of Raphael's jacket. However, it's just shadows albeit strangely formed ones. Yet even that isn't there in the next instant, and the Archangel is left to wonder what he did or did not see. Raphael frequently makes these peculiar exits, appearing and disappearing as if out of thin air, but the most Asmodeus has ever been able to make out are vague shapes like shadows at the corners of his vision. Whatever strange power he has, Raphael doesn't flaunt it.

Asmodeus feels like light helplessly hitting the dark water that is Raphael's surface, wishing to know his friend once again but never quite able to see past the other's façade to what—if anything—lies beneath.


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