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Since I've started to get back into RP (more or less, lol), I thought I'd post some of my interests and preferences. If you'd like to RP with me, please read this post first before trying to get in touch.

Characters I Play

Good Omens

Red Dragon + rest of HL canon (book or movie verse)
Hannibal Lecter
Will Graham

Pirates of the Caribbean
James Norrington
Cutler Beckett
Jack Sparrow

Kung Fu Panda
Lord Shen
Master Shifu

Rise of the Guardians/Guardians of Childhood
Pitch (book or movie verse)
Sandman (book or movie verse)

Judeo-Christian mythology

Original characters are fun too!

I also played a handful of Underworld characters back in the day. Way rusty on those, but I could probably be persuaded to resurrect (lol) someone.

I find I lend myself well to villains/antagonists though I like to switch it up and play the good guy or troubled hero too.

What I Like to Play

original/AU settings: I love a good historical RP. Preferred time periods: England (Victorian, Edwardian, or WWII era), nineteenth or early twentieth century Japan, early twentieth century USA. And if some steampunk or supernatural/Lovecraftian horror gets thrown in there, then all the better!

pairings: I tend to prefer slash (yaoi) or sometimes femmeslash (yuri). For specific pairings, I have preferences, but I'm pretty open to trying various combinations. I am a shameless sucker for good guys paired with bad guys. XD

kinks: I will try most things. I tend to play dominant characters, but I like to play the sub on occasion too. In particular, I like powerplays, dub-con, rank difference (woo, military!), some bondage, tentacles, UST, and I also get a kick out of making an otherwise dominant character submit.

other stuff: AUs are great. Plot is great too. So is smut if there's a good lead up. Hmm, I love me a good angst! I enjoy putting my characters through hell or having them put someone else's characters through hell.

Family relations/issues or developing friendships are fun to play too, especially between characters who start out not liking each other or who are outright enemies.

I write prose style, third person past tense. Average tag lengths range from twenty words to several hundred.

What I Don't Like
-- excessive fluff
-- crack (I find some humor can be fun, OOC derp not so much.)
-- emo!angst
-- PWP (I don't need a ~super intricate~ plot as a preamble to smut, but I'm also not interested in throwing the characters straight to the bedroom.)
-- historical anachronisms (I'm okay with a little mistake here or their—happens to the best of us—but I'd appreciate my partners having some grasp of a period we're playing in.)
-- continuous short tags (No need to write a book per tag if a sentence will suffice, but if I only ever get a sentence or two, I tend to lose interest. I'm a sucker for detail, especially what the other character is thinking, feeling, etc.)
-- kinks: vomit, scat, watersports, some shota/loli
-- poor grammar/spelling

Logistics/Contact Info

I am willing to RP via journals, email, Google docs, or AIM (username: NHTypist).

My timezone is EST/GMT–5.

I'm not on IM every day so your best bet to get in touch with me is to comment here or drop me an email (babbage1851[at]hotmail[dot]com). If you go the email route, please mention "RP" in the subject line so I'll know the message isn't spam.

And I feel that I should give fair warning: I am not the fastest/most easily available RPer ever. Otherwise though, I've been told I'm a good player. I'm pretty laidback, I can craft a decent sentence, I tend to write fic for my RPs, and sometimes I'll even churn out a bit of art. X3
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