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Whoo, vacation has been a rollicking good time. *grin* Haven't gotten much art done, but I am writing a lot. *pleased* I've even finished some homework. For my next computer/web design project, I think I'm going to use Constantine the movie vs. Hellblazer the comic as my topic. I've been on a bit of a Hellblazer kick lately. John Constantine = my favorite British bastard.

Spring break has also given me a chance to watch some movies:

Beowulf: Suck and fail much? I was very disappointed with how the movie set-up the monster/heroes/sons relationships; honestly, I thought it was dumb, and I would have much preferred the movie without those twists. On the other hand, there were some redeeming factors: the Queen's character, the appearance of the dragon, and the scene where Grendel's mum killed a bunch of Beowulf's men in Hrothgar's hall. Those bits were kinda cool.

30 Days of Night: Not the best vampire story ever, but I have seen or read far, far worse. I thought the cast did an excellent job in this, and there were some genuinely thrilling parts. It was definitely worth watching although the vampires were a little...odd. Their funky shrieking language was sort of irritating after awhile.

Samurai Jack: The Premiere Movie: I never saw the entire movie start to finish so I thought it'd be worth renting, and it really was. I forgot how much I love this cartoon series! I'm honestly thinking about buying Season 1 sometime this week if it's not too pricey.

Took a brief break tonight from serious fic writing to play around with this a bit; 'twas enjoyable. ;3 Sentence prompts borrowed from [livejournal.com profile] 1sentence.

Pairing: Asmodeus/Raphael
Prompt Set: Alpha
Warnings: Copious abuse of the English language in general and punctuation in particular. I owe specific apologies to the comma, ellipsis, and semi-colon.

... )

p.s. I am still taking drabble requests so if you would like me to write you something, feel free to comment at this post.

Dear Self,

When the fanfic has more than three errors in the first sentence, spare us the brain-hurting trauma and just stop reading before it gets worse. Because it will get worse.

No love,
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More Constantine slash! A little while ago, I bought the comic version of the Constantine movie, and this scene of Constantine/Balthazar at the club just deserved to be posted. Y'see, the comic is way slashier than the movie... ^_~

Look! The rubberpants command you! )

ETA: Well, I was pleasantly surprised (i.e. my eyes popped out) to find a ton of comments on my posts in the respective Constantine slash comms. Anyways, I couldn't resist drawing those two. They're rather anime style, but I like how my pic came out. I just can't get enough of that forked tongue!

Balthazar/Constantine: PG-13 )

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Note to self: Your pinstripe pants can't withstand the blistering winds of New Hampshire winter when you are waiting 15 minutes for your bus.


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