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Mmm, even more rain today, and no school again. Unfortunately, today I've actually had to work since I'm pretty sure there'll be school tomorrow. I have this big ass 4th quarter computer project I need to finish. *flails* And yet in spite of that, I'm about to post a drabble meme, but drabbles don't take very long, and I haven't done one of these things in a while...

gakked from [livejournal.com profile] lacecravat,

Every person on your friends list gets to request a drabble (read drabble: 100 words exactly) from you. In return, they have to post this in their journal and write a drabble for you. Post all fandoms you're willing to write for. Your friends can pick a relationship, a story arc, a missing scene, or pretty much anything they want, unless the author has previously mentioned that they will not write it. They comment with what they want, and you write drabbles and post it in your journal.

Fandoms I'll Write For: Damn, there's a lot... )

*goes off to be productive now*


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