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Annnnnd another piece for Rise of the Guardians. I'm writing for a few more prompts on the kink meme (a couple Pitch/Sandy Golden Age AUs) so I forsee at least a few more RotG fics in the near future before we get back to naughty angels and demons.

Title: Balance (parts 1 and 2)
Fandom: Rise of the Guardians
Rating: PG-15
Pairing: Pitch Black/Sandy
Summary: Sandy and Pitch are like two sides of the same coin as the cliché says.
Notes: Written for this prompt.

"(Any/Sandman) - floating cinnamon-covered pastry"
The somewhat mysterious title was meant to indicate that cute little Sanderson Mansnoozie actually tastes sweet. His mouth is sugarplum with cinnamon, his skin has a sweet milky flavor and even his AHEM reproductive matter is flavored like vanilla custard.

And which Guardian doesn't like sweets...? Sexy shenanigans ensue as they sample the dream-bringer, who, by the way, totally enjoys all the attention. Rating can actually go anywhere from almost-gen kissing to NC-17 filthy delicacy.

Inclusion of Pitch will earn you a bonus over nine thousand.

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Oh, hello there! Perhaps some of you may remember me? Why, yes, I realize I've been on a long hiatus, ahem. Due to various things as always, but we'll see if I stick around more frequently in 2013... Happy Not-Apocalypse, btw. XD

So...Rise of the Guardians. It has kind of eaten my brain, lol. I don't if any of you have seen it, but I highly recommend going to the cinema and checking it out. Anyway, for the last week or so, I've been lurking in the Dreamwidth RotG kink meme and even answering a few prompts. Dunno if this will be of interest to any of my followers on this site, but here are the first two completed ficlets.

Title: If It Wasn't for the Nights
Fandom: Rise of the Guardians (with a little bit of book-verse in there too)
Rating: PG
Pairing: Jack Frost/Pitch Black
Summary: The Guardians won, the nightmares were defeated, and both Pitch and Jack are left to contemplate what they've lost.
Notes: Written for this prompt.

Both Jack and Pitch actually really want each other, but both are convinced they can't be together:

Jack because to embrace Pitch is to give up what he has with the Guardians, and besides, is Pitch really genuine?
Pitch because he won't be with Jack unless it's consensual, and he doesn't think Jack wants him back.

BUT, at night is when they think of each other the most, and it's driving them both nuts because it's really hard to live with the decision they've made, which both think is final.

+1 if you can work in a little bit of ABBA's If it wasn't for the Nights in the prose
+10 for still the sexual tension between Jack and Pitch still being totally unresolved at the story's conclusion

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And another one also from the kink meme...

Title: Oblivious
Fandom: Rise of the Guardians
Rating: PG
Pairing: none
Summary: Perhaps Jack Frost really is better with children than all the other Guardians.
Notes: Written for this prompt.

Jack intuitively understands that the fairies are actually Toothiana's children, and is especially gentle with them as a result. He assumes the other guardians understand this too.

They don't.

Basically, I just want Jack being a sweetheart to these often-ignored munchkins, and the other guardians feeling rather silly that they never realized Toothiana's little ones were actually a part of her, more so than North's elves and yetis or Bunnymund's eggs.

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