Jul. 11th, 2010

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Whew, spent the better part of the weekend in the disgusting, hot attic. I've got waaay to much junk up there, and it is high time I got rid of a lot of it. This weekend I focused mainly on the books. I've simply hoarded collected too many, and I just can't keep all of them. So I am getting rid of 291 books.

I was rather impressed with myself; normally my cleaning endeavors don't go this well. Really though, I had a very good visualization technique. I would keep thinking: "I am moving into an apartment. Space is limited, and I need to cut down my book collection by 300 books." Worked like a charm. ;3 [FYI, I am not actually moving into an apartment just yet, alas.]

Some books I will give to friends, but most of them will be donated to the library. I do hope to sell a few books to a couple used bookstores too; I could go for an extra buck or two.

Anyway, more Bible ficlet as promised...

Title: An Easter Story – Part II: A Humorous Interlude
Fandom: the Bible (Book of Matthew in the New Testament)
Pairing: none
Rating: PG
Summary: Troubled down in Hell, Asmodeus finds himself compelled to visit Jesus's tomb.
Notes: Any Biblical references here were derived from Matthew's rendition of the Resurrection. Time period set around 33 AD.

After Jesus Christ had left Hell with the righteous souls of humanity, Asmodeus had lain curled up in bed for what he had been certain would be a very long nap. )


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