Feb. 16th, 2011

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Hallo! Hope everyone had a Happy Commercial Chocolate-Giving Holiday! I didn't make anything special for the festivities, but I do have the next set of Asmodeus/Raphael drabbles that I should've posted last, last weekend. (Although in my defense, I was organizing a production of the Vagina Monologues so my first few weeks back to school were somewhat...harried. And I've been somewhat distracted.) Anyway...

Today I have the belated five drabbles along with some Gabriel art! <3 I was sorting through my art drawer of WIPs (yes, there's a whole desk drawer for them *sigh*) and decided that Gabriel could use some love.

I also unearthed a few Asmodeus/Raphael crack comics and memes while weeding through my WIPs so good things are on the way! And this weekend will be five drabbles for Lucifer/Beelzebub. In the meantime:

036 )
037 )
038 )
039 )
040 )

drabbles 001-005
drabbles 006-010
drabbles 011-015
drabbles 016-020
drabbles 021-025
drabbles 026-030
drabbles 031-035

...and Gabriel. )

And one last thing. Humor me? XD
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