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Got a nice mini-vacation today. Without any classes, I got a good bit of drawing done including a couple of the [livejournal.com profile] fanart50 pics in this post. *grin* So have some demon!Raphael.

new art )

Also went on Saturday to see the university theatre department's production of Curtains, a cute little musical comedy/murder mystery play set in the 1950's. It was pretty swell, especially the dancing—good grief the cast was limber! I was rather impressed that none of the guys blew out the seat of their pants doing some of the splits, haha. And there was one minor actor who looked like the love child of Edward Norton and Jack Davenport. :3
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"Writing prompt: Asmodeus/Raphael, cuddle."

Title: Totally Okay
... )
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Question to my flist. If I were to draw Raphael (that's this guy) in a Lolita-esque costume, what color should it be? Somehow, I can't decide. XD

[Poll #1374961]

Edit: Purple it is! Thank you everyone who voted! Poll is closed since I hope to start coloring soon. *wink*

Raphael: o_O You are all very not-nice people for encouraging this inappropriate behavior.

Asmodeus: WHOO!

(This is from a deviantART character meme in case any of you were wondering what the hell has possessed me. The meme can be found here if you're curious about the other things I'll be doing to Raphael, lol.)
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Right now I'm working on a critical essay for my Greek class, but my brain can only take it for so long so I've taken a break to scan and upload the next batch of [livejournal.com profile] fanart50 Asmodeus/Raphael drawings that I finished last Sunday.

wheee! )
The next set of drawings will have a demon!Raphael theme. *grin* Should be interesting.
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My university got the snow day. *weeps with joy* I haven't had to leave my cold-but-warmer-than-outside dorm so far, and it is truly wonderful. (I will be going to the gym in ten minutes but that's still less than three minutes away.) I am thinking I shall make a tasty grilled cheese sandwich for dinner tonight and nosh on that while I finish my history of Great Britain homework.

Though it's quiet, the art bunnies have really kicking, bless their evil hearts. So finally scanned, here are some more Asmodeus/Raphael drawings for the [livejournal.com profile] fanart50 prompts. I present the gratuitous wings set of drawings.

5. the writing on the wall [59 minutes]
This one turned out kind of dumb, probably because I messed up on Asmodeus's shadow.

9. protection [54 minutes]
Aw, Raphael is a sweetie. I drew this in between working on my art paper for Michelangelo's Pieta (the first one), and that sculpture seems to have influenced this drawing a bit, lol.

19. when I was young [3 hours, 51 minutes]
The colored one. *grin* I thought Asmodeus pre-Fall would be perfect for this prompt plus I've been wanting to draw him as an angel. He actually looks like a nice guy here and not like the pervy demon he would later become. XD

31. ghost [38 minutes]
This one is my favorite out of the batch! When he was an angel, Asmodeus belonged to the Cherubim so he had four wings. I enjoyed doodling the shapes of the wings sooo much.

38. closer [57 minutes]
Not too much to say about this one 'cept that I love their hands. *grin*

The prompt table and the rest of the art can be found here.
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The fic bunnies have been a tad quiet lately (beaten into submission by all my homework *sigh*), but the art bunnies are more than making up for it. Last Friday, I happened to stumble across the [livejournal.com profile] fanart50 prompt table. The prompts were very interesting so of course I got inspired. I've been drawing mostly sketchier, less polished pics for the prompts, and so far it's been quite enjoyable.

Here is the first set of drawings: 07, 10, 18, 27, and 39. Five drawings down, forty-five to go... XD
prompt table )

Up next hopefully an illustrated French Revolution, 9 Thermidor AU. *crosses fingers*
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Happy Holidays! I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas.

I got to see some of my family including my awesome cousin Chris yesterday. Honestly, though, this hasn't been one of the best Christmases ever for me. Unfortunately, I've been quite sick almost all week, and I'm still feeling pretty crappy.

Am a bit behind with the story requests, but here is the first half. They were fun to write and made me feel a bit better. The other ficlets should be showing up sometime tomorrow.

Title: Christmas in Vienna
Fandom: Underworld
For: [livejournal.com profile] pilar_sama
Rated: PG
Prompt: Lucian/Singe with snow.

Singe breathed deeply, and the cold, winter air of Vienna filled his lungs. )

Title: On a Quiet Night in Bethlehem
Fandom: Bible
For: [livejournal.com profile] jestana
Rated: PG-13
Prompt: Raphael and Asmodeus on the night of Jesus' birth.
Notes: You also end up with the two-for-one deal. This fic references and is kind of a sequel to one of my older stories, "An Angel's Mercy", but that fic I wrote back in February 2005 ergo it needed a serious face lift. So here 'tis, the new and improved and three pages longer An Angel's Mercy. ^^

It was very difficult, Asmodeus decided, to fight an angel when you had no power. )

Title: Green Like His Eyes
Fandom: Harry Potter
For: [livejournal.com profile] shinseikatsu
Rated: PG
Prompt: A Harry Potter/Neville Longbottom Christmas story.

There was always something that stood out, some practical item or pretty bauble that Neville just knew would be perfect for Harry. )
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Whoo, happy day! Definitely a movie day. This afternoon I watched Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children and Final Fantasy VII: Last Order with Audrey. The fight scenes and the animation were wicked cool, but the plot kind of went over my head since I never played the FF game. Audrey was kind enough to fill me in on the background information though. *grin* We're also thinking of having an anime night next Thursday along with some other girls on campus. I might bring Trinity Blood for that. ;3

I also saw Sweeney Todd tonight again. This time I saw it with Alan; he missed its run at the movie theaters so he was really psyched to see it at UNH. When we left the theater, he was saying every other sentence in song. XD Heh, life would be so much more interesting if it were like a musical.

And now here are the A/R drabbles. I'll be computerless tomorrow so I'm posting them early. ^^

011 - Het Warning! )

012 )

013 )

014 )

015 )

drabbles 001-005
drabbles 006-010
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I'm sick with this evil cold so yeah, major blargh on that. *sigh, drinks tea* I just hope I feel better soon.

Anyway, here is (only a day late XD) the next batch of Asmodeus/Raphael drabbles. Enjoy!

006 )
007 )
008 )
009 )
010 )

drabbles 001-005
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Guess who has Dropkick Murphys tickets? My roomie and I! The Dropkick Murphys are going to be playing at our university's campus on April 25. Ah, we are so excited. It will be crazy good.

Also I got an English ivy plant for my dorm room. I have named him Aziraphale. ^^ I'm not sure I'm the best person to look after a plant though. Last Thursday I had a teensy bit of tepid tea at the bottom of my mug, but I didn't want to dump it in my garbage so I put it in the ivy instead. I figured a little tea wouldn't hurt the plant, and yeah, no good excuse there. My mom thinks I'm crazy though. *hearts her*

Mom: You watered your plant with tea.
Me: It wasn't that much! A finger at most.
Mom: You watered your plant with tea.
Me: It was just a little bit. I gave it real water before I came home.
Mom: Better hope it didn't like the tea otherwise it'll be pissed that you went back to water.

My mom is the bees' knees. *grin*

Okay, I haven't been getting much major writing done, alas. However, I think I've found a writing project that I can handle: 100 drabbles. Fun but not too detailed. Prompts have been gakked from [livejournal.com profile] drabbles100 and five drabbles will be posted every Sunday. I will be writing about Asmodeus/Raphael.

The drabbles will range from 100 to 500 words. Here is the first set:

001 )
002 )
003 )
004 )
005 )
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Whoo, vacation has been a rollicking good time. *grin* Haven't gotten much art done, but I am writing a lot. *pleased* I've even finished some homework. For my next computer/web design project, I think I'm going to use Constantine the movie vs. Hellblazer the comic as my topic. I've been on a bit of a Hellblazer kick lately. John Constantine = my favorite British bastard.

Spring break has also given me a chance to watch some movies:

Beowulf: Suck and fail much? I was very disappointed with how the movie set-up the monster/heroes/sons relationships; honestly, I thought it was dumb, and I would have much preferred the movie without those twists. On the other hand, there were some redeeming factors: the Queen's character, the appearance of the dragon, and the scene where Grendel's mum killed a bunch of Beowulf's men in Hrothgar's hall. Those bits were kinda cool.

30 Days of Night: Not the best vampire story ever, but I have seen or read far, far worse. I thought the cast did an excellent job in this, and there were some genuinely thrilling parts. It was definitely worth watching although the vampires were a little...odd. Their funky shrieking language was sort of irritating after awhile.

Samurai Jack: The Premiere Movie: I never saw the entire movie start to finish so I thought it'd be worth renting, and it really was. I forgot how much I love this cartoon series! I'm honestly thinking about buying Season 1 sometime this week if it's not too pricey.

Took a brief break tonight from serious fic writing to play around with this a bit; 'twas enjoyable. ;3 Sentence prompts borrowed from [livejournal.com profile] 1sentence.

Pairing: Asmodeus/Raphael
Prompt Set: Alpha
Warnings: Copious abuse of the English language in general and punctuation in particular. I owe specific apologies to the comma, ellipsis, and semi-colon.

... )

p.s. I am still taking drabble requests so if you would like me to write you something, feel free to comment at this post.

Dear Self,

When the fanfic has more than three errors in the first sentence, spare us the brain-hurting trauma and just stop reading before it gets worse. Because it will get worse.

No love,
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Spring break at last! *is so grateful* Finishing papers and studying totally destroyed my sleep schedule last week. Ugh, I was pulling semi-all-nighters and then taking obscenely long afternoon naps. I was a hurting unit, but I finally got proper sleep last night. w00t!

My Victorian Britain midterm was actually somewhat fun. My teacher told my class to write two two-page essays (one on imperialism and one on Victorian liberalism) and to hand the papers in on Friday. The imperialist one was moreso an analysis of Bernard Porter's Absent-Minded Imperialists. (<---Interesting book, by the by.) My pro-capitalist tendencies kind of leaked out a bit for the second essay, but all in all I'd say it was a good essay. I was very pleased to find that I recalled people and policies without having to look them up. Apparently I'm learning something after all. XD

I finally managed to cobble together a resume so that I may possibly get a shiny summer internship at Liberty Mutual that I don't really want but kind of need. It's only been a week since I've submitted my resume, but already a man in Software Development is requesting an interview. *grins and keeps fingers crossed*

Yesterday I also met with [livejournal.com profile] last_archangel for caffeinated beverages. She's so fun to hang out with, and she also told me about this really awesome tea called Red Rose (which I'm drinking right now!). Besides being very yummy tea, it also comes with a little glazed porcelain figure (animals at the moment) that was made in England. It's like those cereal box prizes but better. X3 Since it was right across the street, we actually went to the downtown grocery store to buy some tea. We tried to get sugar cubes too, but they were all out. ;__;

So for spring break I'll be trying to get some art, writing (at least 400 words a day), and work finished. Today is Personal Finance Organization, Classical Mythology Homework I, and Comic Reading Day.

Also, since I actually have time for a change: drabble requests! Fandoms I will write for are the Bible, history (French Revolution, American Revolution, French and Indian War, WWII), Masters of Their Field, Sherlock Holmes, 1776, Hannibal Lecter books & movies, Underworld, and Constantine/Hellblazer.

If you would like a 100 word drabble, then feel free to comment with character, pairing, prompt, quote, or whatever floats your boat. ^^
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A Happy Belated Valentines Day to my flist! Hope it was good for all of you. Myself, I skipped my 8 am class, had lunch with my father, and brought brownies in to my Victorian Britain class. After VB class, I also nipped up to Portsmouth for apple cider, a popover, and some new music. A good day in the life of Sam. X3

Today was much more trying. Besides taking a positively evil Intro to Logic test, I had my interview for an RA position. I've been trying wicked hard to get an RA post at UNH for next year, and I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I felt like I made a good impression during my interview, and I should know by next Thursday whether I've got the job or not.

Anyway, on a less serious note, I have some new Bible slash. Tis Lucifer/Gabriel based on this passage: "One of Gabriel's longest terms on Earth accounted for his most personal experience with mankind. Over a span of twenty-two years, he appeared at regular intervals to the prophet Mohammed in order to dictate to him the whole of the Koran. [...] and the prophet was careful to take down the Archangel's words verbatim.

During one of the last points of the transcription to Mohammed, however, Gabriel came to a very harsh passage and felt a moment of concern in the telling; unintentionally misspeaking the Word. As a result, upon his return to the realm of Heaven, Gabriel found the Gates impassable. For an unknown span of time, the Archangel awaited his return to Grace as he witnessed another, lesser angel, Dobiel, act as his proxy. At the end of his exile, Gabriel felt a call from beyond the curtain and returned to his station. No word was ever spoken of the incident by Gabriel or his winged brethren."
The Book of Angels by Todd Jordan (page 62)

Although tBoA is more of a fantasy book about angels, this section piqued my interest so I researched it a little. While Gabriel did supposedly dictate the Koran to Mohammed, I couldn't find any mention of Gabriel screwing that up. However, I did find that, according to the Hebrew Talmud, Gabriel did get in trouble for disobeying a command, and when I looked at a translation of Yoma 77a in the Talmud, it did indeed say that he'd been exiled briefly with Dobiel acting as his proxy.

So yeah, this resulting story has been languishing half finished in my notebook since English class last semester. Then two weeks ago I decided to complete it and draw a little one page comic to go with it; on the whole I'm fairly pleased with them. One idea down, 10 bazillion to go. o_O

Title: Tempting the Messenger
Pairing: Lucifer/Gabriel
Rating: PG
Summary: After accidentally misspeaking the Word, Gabriel finds himself trapped outside Heaven's gates. Ever the Tempter, Lucifer makes an offer, but Gabriel is disinclined to accept.

fic and art )

I also drew some other slash art of my personal favorite Lucifer pairing: Lucifer/Beelzebub. *grin*
... )

Also, a manga news update! I know some of my flist fancies the managa Pet Shop of Horrors. Well, the sequel Pet Shop of Horrors: Tokyo is finally in stores! I heard ages ago that TOKYOPOP had licensed it, but for a while, I didn't catch wind of any further plans. Then last week when I was in B. Dalton's bookshop, I was pleasantly surprised to finally see volume one. Ah, such joy. Hopefully the next volume will be out soon. *grin*
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A friend of mine recently pointed out that some of my characters have disproportionately large noses. I've always kind of been aware of that (I mean, really my noses tend to be big; it's hard to miss. XD), but now I really noticed. So yes, besides development of minor characters who will hardly ever appear again, this is also an attempt to practice smaller noses.

DemonSketches001 )

And when I'm not working on artsy things... )
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School is going well, and I've actually been invited to join UNH's honors program. So yay for me. I accepted the invite and switched into the honors section of Classical Mythology. Meeting all the honors program requirements is going to be a pain in the butt for sure, but it's also a good thing...although I am glad I cut back on the hours I'm working at the Holloway cafeteria. I've still decided to take five courses, and I am now officially enrolled in the Victorian Britain class. Must also remember to read Jane Austen's Persuasion by next Thursday; however, I've been assured by everyone that I've talked to about it that this book is wicked good.

Now time to present some of the fruits of my winter break labor, starting with profiles of the Seven Archdemons of Hell (and a shoddy Lucifer pic). As I get more art cleaned up and fics edited and whatnot, there'll be more to post.

So, without further delay, teh art (all work safe):

Lord of Hell )

Wrath )

Lust )

Pride )

Gluttony )

Greed )

Envy )

Sloth )

For my next project...the Seven Archangels!
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Here's a little Lucifer and Gabriel ficlet for [livejournal.com profile] mypaleangel. Happy (belated) Birthday, my dear!

... )

And as for real life... )
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I hope everyone's holidays have been lovely! Besides getting some awesome gifts, including a The Emperor's New Groove on DVD and book repair kit, I got to spend time with my mom's side of the family, and we all had a great time. We also had soooo much food. I haven't eaten this many sweets since Halloween. ;3

And now, for those who requested them, here are ze Christmas fics:

Title: A New Lease on Life
Fandom: Pirates of the Caribbean
For: [livejournal.com profile] jestana
Rated: PG
Prompt: Pirates of the Caribbean, Jack/Norrington after AWE

Damn Turner, damn him to hell. )

Title: The Nature of Giving
Fandom: Underworld
For: [livejournal.com profile] pilar_sama
Rated: PG
Prompt: Lucian/Singe

The first thing Lucian noticed when he walked into Singe's laboratory was the present. )

Title: Black King Takes White Knight
Fandom: Pirates of the Caribbean
For: [livejournal.com profile] swingjugend
Rated: PG
Prompt: PotC: Norrington/Beckett during AWE

At first, Cutler Beckett only saw James Norrington as a particularly beneficial investment. )

Title: Strange and New
Fandom: Bible
For: [livejournal.com profile] galael
Rating: PG-13
Prompt: Bible, angel and demon - Raphael and Asmodeus or not

Raphael's skin was soft and warm under Asmodeus's lips. )

Title: A Little Reassurance
Fandom: 1776
For: [livejournal.com profile] halls_mistress
Rating: G
Prompt: 1776, no particular pairing...writer's choice.

The Congressmen were still as lackadaisical as ever. )

Title: Moments Before the Fall
Fandom: Bible
For: [livejournal.com profile] mypaleangel
Rating: PG
Prompt: Bible, perhaps Lucifer/Gabriel

In the annals of human writing and in the minds of the human race, there were varying impressions of the Fall. )

And although no one requested it, here's a Good Omens fic for good measure. For Christmas dessert this evening, my family had plum pudding, and it was certainly an, ahem, memorable taste experience. Memorable enough that I decided to write this short little fic.

Also on a Good Omens note, my mom (who I convinced a couple months ago to read GO) got me an angel ornament, but on the gift tag she wrote To: Sam / From: Aziraphale and Crowley. My mom is made of win.

And, yes, now the fic...

Title: Crowley vs. the Plum Pudding
Fandom: Good Omens
Rating: PG
Summary: Aziraphale has a special dessert in honor of the holiday season.

It was, all in all, quite an unappetizing affair. )
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Whoo, school is almost over for the semester, and then it's a month off. Sweet deal, actually. Unfortunately, the school dining hall where I work won't be open during that month so no paycheck for me. *sigh* But still, month off... *grins* I think I'll enjoy the rest; however, I've signed out a foil and sabre for fencing so I don't wind up totally out of shape. UNH fencing has a match right after we all get back from break so I'll have to make sure I exercise and do tons of lunges.

Finals the rest of this week, blegh. When I haven't been studying or testing, I have been working on the Bible fic. Plenty of new plotbunnies have been spawned, but I'm mainly trying to fix the old stories. They don't completely suck, but they're all in need of editing and some need to be really fleshed out. Anyways, I've finished editing Sleep Well, The Difference Between Demons and Angels, Patience, and Shadows. The rest of the stories should be tidied up soon.

I also have some new fic and art set in the 1300's:

Title: We All Fall Down
Pairing: mild Asmodeus/Raphael
Rating: PG
Summary: It's 1350 AD, and under Hell's direction, the Black Death is ravaging Europe. Raphael is sent from Heaven to put a halt to the massive destruction, but Hell will not allow its plans to be thwarted so easily.
Notes: The title is a reference to the nursery rhyme "Ring around the rosie" which (as proposed in 1961) some people believe is a reference to the Black Death. However, the rhyme has never been authentically linked to the Black Death.

Raphael staggered down the cracked, earthen steps and into the cool darkness of Lord Mevrial's wine cellar... )

...and story art )

I also took my Western Civ. final (which was at 8:00 am this morning, so tired now, plz shoot me) today, and I already know that I totally aced it! I'm pleased that my essay linking WWI, WWII, and the Cold War was pretty solid. My next final is for my archaeology class, and then on Friday I have my French exam.
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Whoo, now it's Raphael's turn. Kind of an angelic version of what I did for Asmodeus's post. So this post is about the angels and their ranks, the structure of Heaven, bio of Raphael, and some sketches of angel wings.

Once again, art is worksafe, but some images are large.

the structure of Heaven )

bio of Raphael )

the anatomy of angel wings )

Up soon: finals for university but also Asmodeus/Raphael fic—the bunnies are crawling out of the woodwork!
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The first serious pithy post about some of my Bible-based stories. So this post is about how I'm defining demons for my fictions, the structure of Hell, bio of Asmodeus, and the anatomy and background of demon wings.

The info here also applies in my demons and angels NaNoWriMo novel which will henceforth have the title Beings of Renown (there will be a novel post next week! ^^).

And on with the post. Art is worksafe, but dial-up peeps might have a hard time loading it all. Sorry for the size of the colored images.

demons: some definitions )

the structure of Hell )

bio of Asmodeus )

the anatomy and background of demon wings )

This weekend: Raphael and some angels/heaven background as well as fics!

Oh, also there's a swing dancing thing this Saturday at my university. I think I may go even though I can't dance... XD


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