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Whoo, some MoTF stuff at last! And there's more still in the works. For now though, four pictures and a story snippet.

A little slashy, but everything should be worksafe. There is a threesome pic (Nathaniel/Jean-Marie/Julien), but it's incredibly tame.

the drawings! )

Also, I am plotting to dress up as Commodore Norrington for the third PotC movie, and I managed to find a decent wig in a costume shop in Salem, MA this weekend; not The Best Wig Ever, but it shall suffice. ;3
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At fourteen pages the Mistletoe comic is at last done. It's set at the fictional White Owl tavern in Nova Scotia a couple years before Masters of Their Field. Nathaniel Merrington and Julien Marksby, two British army captains who have a serious rivalry with each other, are the main characters, but naval captain Robin Tremaine is also present. This comic does contain mild slash.

Since last Thursday, I've been on a watercoloring rampage, spending five to eight hours a day on this comic. XD I finished editing the text in my first period class this morning, and I'm sooo happy to have finally completed this project. Although I liked it, I don't plan on doing anymore comics in watercolor again; it was pretty hard. So my next comics will most likely be ink/pencil/colored pencil. :3

Until I put "Mistletoe" up on my website and do all the html coding, I have uploaded the comic (and the ficlet that started it) to sendspace.com.

Mistletoe, 4.05 MB

ETA (4/7/07): And now it can also be found here at the MoTF website.
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And what a happy one it is. My area is currently experiencing an enormous snowstorm that canceled school today and may possibly result in a cancellation tomorrow. (I dearly hope it does.)

I spent a good bit of time cleaning up and finding space for my new babies: nine ex-library books. Yesterday my school library was having a purge of a few dozen books, and my history teacher Mr. Stone convinced the librarians to let me have some of them. He also got a few books himself. It was like a mini-Christmas. XD

My haul of nine books included two French Revolution books, two on general French history, four about Canada, and one on German history. All very thick. As my friend Margie put it when she saw me carrying them after school, "Sam, you've got a stack of books half the size of yourself!"

Other than that, I have been working on some drawings or less favorably, some homework. For now, a fluffy Nathaniel/Dimitri pic.
Nathaniel x Dimitri )

I also submitted an Adam/Jefferson fanart and a short Adams/Dickinson ficlet to [livejournal.com profile] 1776_contest for the "Rompin' In Cupid's Grove" challenge. ;3
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Whoo, an MoTF art post! It's been awhile... Just a small selection for now, but that's mainly because I've been working more on comics (which should also be posted...eventually).

Oh, and I'm not sure if I mentioned it earlier, but I recently found my Scarlet Pimpernel DVD. It was "hidden" on one of my more obscure bookshelves. *facepalm* I swear, I'd lose my head if it wasn't attached...

Anyway, on with the drawings!

All images worksafe. )
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*sigh* My Scarlet Pimpernel DVD is still MIA, but I did find $10 so I guess that's kind of good... Anyways, I spent most of the weekend drawing or doing homework. *productive*

And I'm addicted to Wicked's soundtrack. *nodnodnod*

On with ze art!

drawings )

Dimitri/Nathaniel slash, PG-15 )
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Today I partook in that rare joy known as the mental health day. However instead of goofing off, I decided to actually be productive, and I got much finished for MoTF as well as history homework. w00t!

new characters )

new art )
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Presented my history project on the Battle of Cowpens (from the American Revolution, January 17, 1781) today. Instead of having to get up in front of the class and talk, I made a short vid. While the movie clips and music parts melded well, I had a few problems with the volume in some spots, but I was able to get it working decently at least. My history class really liked it and so did Mr. Stone. Next time we're assigned a presentation though, I'm going to be more careful with recording the audio.

It's been cloudy today too, and this evening after my driver's ed appointment, it finally rained. As it tends to, the rain inspired me, but for a change, I actually included the rain in the picture. XD
Dimitri/Nathaniel fluff! )

I'm bringing in sketches for the yearbook pics tomorrow. I hope the yearbook people like zem. *crosses fingers*
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On to the art! )
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On with the Masters of Their Field art…

...but first more plot details. )

ze art )
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Finally, a Masters of Their Field update. Wow, it's been awhile! There's plenty more coming which I might have finished soon in spite of evil school.

On with ze art…

Read more... )

Whew, and that's it! Next time, some watercolor!

Other than that, my cousin Christopher is here, and we just spent the last couple hours gallavanting at Barnes & Noble. *eagerly reads new book*
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As of now, the setting for this story, Masters of Their Field, takes place during the French and Indian War in northeastern North America, May 1756 when the Marquis de Montcalm arrives in Canada. (He might even make an appearance in the story. O_O) Other than that I have yet to decide where exactly everybody else is located. So far, the French soldiers in my story are stationed at the fictional Fort Charlotte. However, if historical accuracy permits, I may move them from Charlotte to Fort Carillon (Ticonderoga). I'm still looking into that. More on the setting later.

For now…

art )

character meme )

expanded bio )

Next Up:
-a large, detailed watercoloring of the British soldiers
-a large, detailed watercoloring of the French soldiers
(w00t! I successfully got my big sheets of wc paper from the art supply store!)
-Jean-Marie/André slashy picture
-a computer colored picture of Dimitri and Nathaniel
-a pencil drawing of Dimitri reading a dispatch
-a pencil drawing of Dimitri and Nathaniel kissing
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First, I've redesigned my MoTF character André Marien's look, and I like it so much better. He'll be mentioned some more in my next post about Jean-Marie. And speaking of him, asdfghjkl;! watercoloring Jean-Marie's hair is driving me nuts. >_O It looks remotely decent now, but it's taking forever.

Also, in another way to procrastinate summer schoolwork, I made PotC: CotBP icons. ^_^

1 Gillette, 5 Gillington, and 1 Sparrington )
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*yawn* Work, yay. -_-' It went well enough albeit slightly boring today...

Other than that though, I am such an industrious slacker. How can I spend four hours reading a different book while one of the summer reading books sits less than two feet away from me? I amaze myself sometimes. And not in the good way. Tomorrow = day of reading about transcendentalism. >_<

Anyways, the real reason for my post is that I finished a new picture for my Masters of Their Field story. And it's watercolor. I haven't done watercolor in about two years. O_o Y'see when my family moved from New Jersey to New Hampshire halfway through my sophomore year, my Art 2 class had yet to start wc. I'd personally bought my supplies though so figuring I'd use them eventually, I packed my pad of paper, brushes, and paints into my art supply box and largely forgot their existence. A little over a month ago, I found them again, and decided to have a romp down memory lane. Overall, I really like how this came out, especially the skin tones which turned out decent. Watercolor's definitely my color medium of choice. *grin*

Slightly suggestive so it's behind a cut just in case. )

Next time expect a character post centered around Count Jean-Marie (including a watercolor of him) since I loves him so.
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Instead of dying off, my story has been growing like crazy as well as spawning new backstories and side stories, and I've been flailing trying to keep up with it all. Finally I've gotten a bit of basic info together.

First off, the French and Indian War story actually has a title now! *gasp* I seesawed a bit on what to call it, but I've decided the working title will be 'Masters of Their Field' or MoTF for short since the author is one damn lazy bugger.

Moving on… We have a character break down. These are most of the characters that'll be appearing in the story (excluding a few minor chars who still need to be designed). Please ignore the suckorz that is my attempt at coloring skin. At least it's not as bad as my Photoshop coloring skills. o_O

The French )

The British )

And now some of the plot... )

And to finish off this crazy, long post of doom, an original character meme gakked from [livejournal.com profile] kaenhoushaki.

For Nathaniel )

For Dimitri )

If there's another character anyone wants me to fill out the meme for, feel free to comment.

And I believe that concludes the insanity. It is now the arse-crack of dawn, and I am going to bed now.
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Whooooo! No school today! It's been raining like crazy where I live, and it seems like my high school is actually having flood problems and had to cancel school. Ah, just one more reason to love the rain. *mad grin*

In other news, I finally saw the musical Chicago on DVD. It was sooooo good! Most of the songs just made me want to get up and dance like crazy, and the actors did great performances. *purr*

Pretty much all weekend, I've been playing it on my comp, and listening to the "Cell Block Tango" scene on repeat really got my inspiration going. One of these days, I have to learn the tango. But in the meantime, here's Dimitri and Nate (from my slashy French and Indian War story) doing it:

Arriba! )

And in case anyone would like to hear the "Cell Block Tango" song, I ripped the audio off the DVD and uploaded it to YSI here. I would've liked to upload the whole video clip of this scene, but it's about 47 MB, and my dial-up connection was all "Fuck no, bitch! Don't even think about it!" So yes, if you haven't seen Chicago already, you should definitely watch it.

Richard Gere makes a great sleazy lawyer in it too. XD
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Wow, I still can't believe this idea is actually sticking. *grin* For the last two weeks, I've really been writing a lot for it. I've also decided I want the story to end up as a heavily-illustrated novella. Currently I'm writing it in play format though because a) it's surprisingly easy and b) because I also want to eventually make this into a comic. Like that'll ever happen. >_<

Anyways on with the pics…

Now to prove that Nathaniel isn't always a twit, I have drawn him showing affection to one of the things he likes very much: tea. This pic is definitely going in the story too so I decided to change the short scene that goes with it from play format to regular story prose and post it too.

Mmm, tea... )

Dimitri/Nathaniel about to kiss )

Coming up in the next D/N story post:
-a plot outline...hopefully. I've got it about half done
-some expression sketches for Nate and Dimitri
-a picture with an actual background *gasp*
-maybe even a title for this story O__O
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Okay, in my last post I mentioned something about a slashy story set in America during the French and Indian War (mid 1700's). It's been nagging me ever since I saw PBS's French and Indian War program in January. Talk about a persistent plotbunny. o_0

So the plot at its most very basic is during a battle towards the beginning of the French and Indian War a French soldier and a British soldier get separated far from their regiments as well as "civilization" in general. Faced with a variety of dangers, they realize that their best shot at getting back to their respective armies alive is to work together and reluctantly agree to get along.

Man, that is so vague, but I promise it'll be fleshed out later. Really. Anywho, the two protagonists…

The Brit )

The Frenchman )


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